“When Safety is an issue AEROTUFF takes the heat”

“When Safety is an issue AEROTUFF takes the heat”

AEROTUFF AAC Blocks have the best in class fire resistance with a fire rating of 4-6 Hours, depending on the thickness of the blocks. It can resist the fire for longer hours thus causing less of damage and built with AAc blocks provide higher safety against fire comapred to alternative materials

Build safer homes with aerotuff aac blocks.

It is more suitable for the areas which are more prone to fire.

The blocks are made up of inorganic material and hence they do not catch fire or emit toxic gases and conform to Class ‘0’ rating for spread of flame.

AAC is inorganic, incombustible and does not explode it is thus well suited for fire-rated applications.

These blocks are highly suitable for the areas where fire safety is of great priority.

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