Responsibility Towards Society

At ARL, we have always believed that any business is successful only if it is helping the society around it to grow with itself. With this ideology the group has taken several steps for conservation and betterment of the environment.

ARL’s ideology towards the environment can be seen in the choice of products in which the company deals. All the products manufactured by the group are the most energy-efficient choices in their respective categories. All manufacturing units have zero discharge philosophy and all the waste generated from the factory is used back in some of the other form in the plant itself.

The Company has also installed nine Rain Water Harvesting systems and recharge structures in its premises and the entire precipitation is either recharged or beneficially utilized.

The group’s various manufacturing units utilize about 6000MT Fly Ash per month, which is a hazardous waste generated by Power Plants.

AAC Blocks are the latest addition to the suite of environmentally friendly infrastructure products of ARL. These blocks are a highly recommended component in any building/construction targeting a Green Building/LEED Certification.


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Not shying away from social responsibility, the Company has partnered in opening a charitable Homeopathic Hospital for the general public. The company operates several homeopathy clinics where consultation as well as medicines are dispensed free of cost. It also conducts free medical check-up programs every year.

ARL also provides free medical service to one and all through Bhanwari Devi Medical Trust. The Company has also adopted a primary school in Jaipur city for the Mid-Day meals program which is being conducted by Akshay Patra Foundation.