ARL INFRATECH LIMITED, headquartered in Jaipur, is a leading conglomerate engaged in serving the critical infrastructure needs like roofing, water supply, sewerage, sustainable building construction etc. The organization was established in 1995-96 with a vision to provide highest quality products and services at the best price for the people of the nation. About two decades later the group still stands committed to the foresight of its founders and has been expanding its base at a brisk pace.

ARL is the largest manufacturer of AC Pressure Pipes in North India and has to its credit the first ever Asbestos Cement Sheet plant in Rajasthan. Considering the vast need of housing and associated infrastructure like Schools, Universities, Hospitals etc, ARL has set-up the first project for manufacturing and distribution of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks in Jaipur, Rajasthan under the brand name of ‘AEROTUFF’. The blocks are harbinger of a revolution in the building industry in India and are a high quality replacement of the red clay bricks. These blocks are in line with the present day needs and Rajasthan government’s vision of Sustained and environment friendly development.

Commitment to quality is essence at ARL, which is truly reflected in our products and services. Our philosophy is to continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. From manufacturing to administration to executive management, every member of ARL team is completely focused on maximizing quality. We are totally committed to recognizing the needs of our customers and responding to those needs with superior quality, service, responsiveness, and specification compliance. Testimonials to our quality

consciousness are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification, BIS certification for all our products and approval from various government agencies like Defence, Railways, GWSSB, RVUNL etc.

With Quality and Integrity as its pillars, the group has grown its market base with more than 700 Channel Partners in the states of Rajasthan, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. ARL has also marked its presence in international markets like Nepal, Africa, North America etc. With an increasing number of satisfied customers and a dedicated marketing & sales team, ARL has achieved a turnover of more than 200 Cr. and is dedicated to tread on this path of growth in the future.

ARL Group understands the importance of its team of employees in achieving its goals & has got deep respect for them. The group always aims to provide a safe, healthy & growth oriented working atmosphere to its family of workers to equip them better to serve the customer in the best manner possible.