Save Money and Save Environment with Aerotuff AAC blocks

Big and Accurate size
The Big size and Accurate shape ,dimensions of AEROTUFF Blocks makes construction with these blocks extremely fast and easy. This also results in considerable savings in Joining Mortar and Plaste.

Light Weight

The weight of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks is approximately 1/3rd that of Clay Bricks and 1/4th that of conventional Concrete Blocks.
Light weight of these blocks results in reduction of dead load on the building structure and hence provides considerable savings in the structural cost.

Excellent Workability

AEROTUFF AAC Blocks stand out in terms of flexibility and ease of working at site. The blocks can be CUT, DRILLED, NAILED, CHASED to the desire of the user with simple hand tools.

Among various building materials available like Clay Bricks, Concrete Blocks etc, AEROTUFF AAC Blocks consume the least amount of energy during Manufacturing as well as Application. This helps save the fast depleting natural resources

“AEROTUFF AAC Blocks utilizes industrial wastes such as Fly Ash as Raw Material in comparison to Clay Bricks which consumes the precious fertile top soil as major raw material.”

Light weight of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks helps reduce the consumption of fuel and hence the CO2 emissions during transportation


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