Concerned about the safety from Earthquake and Fire, Nothing to fear now #switchtoaerotuffaacblocks

It’s important to be prepared for an earthquake no matter where you live. Even areas on the eastern seaboard can experience destructive quakes. For example, in 2011, a 5.8 magnitude quake rocked Louisa, Virginia and caused almost $300 million in damage.
SO The first step that we can take towards the same is to build our houses on earthquake resistance material. For that matter switch to AAC Blocks for the foundation of your new home !!
“High Earth quake resistance”
The lightweight of AEROTUFF AAC blocks reduce the mass of a structure, thus decreasing the impact of an earthquake on the building and hence offering enhanced safety against calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes etc as compared to structures built with heavy red clay bricks, fly ash bricks or concrete blocks.

“When Safety is an issue AEROTUFF takes the heat”

AEROTUFF AAC Blocks have the best in class fire resistance with a fire rating of 4-6 Hours, depending on the thickness of the blocks.
The blocks are made up of inorganic material and hence they do not catch fire or emit toxic gases and conform to Class ‘0’ rating for spread of flame.


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