Ankur Mahashakti

How GLC sheet differentiates with ordinary GC roofing sheets?

Ankur Mahashakti GLC roofing sheets are manufactured using top quality and advanced aluminium-zinc alloy materials with a high tensile strength of minimum 550 MPa. They come with sturdy Anti-Rust coating with 55% superior aluminium content. These sheets are light in weight in comparison to usual GC sheets yet they have higher strength.

The usage of GLC roofing sheet comes in to picture while upholding coolness in summers and protecting the roofs in other severe climate conditions wherein ordinary GC roofing sheets fail to meet the requirements.

How manufacturing process of GLC roofing sheets are advanced to ordinary GC sheets

TheAnkur MahashaktiGLC sheets are manufactured by using fully automatic multi-station profiling machines with 40 stages. They are produced with the most specific profile and an advanced level of precision. The modernized machines at Ankur Mahashaktihave highly perfect systems with the capability to manufacture sheets with the exact level of correctness and repeatability.