ankur Fiber Cement Pipes

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“ankur” brand ISI Mark A.C. Pressure Pipes & Joints are manufactured from a homogenous mixture of superior quality chrysotile Asbestos fibre imported from Brazil, Canada, Russia, Zimbabwe etc and high grade Portland cement. These pipes are manufactured layer – by- layer using automatic, Semi Automatic machines, high speed turbo mixtures and vacuum system for drainage of excess water.

Manufactured conforming to IS 1592 : 2003 & ISO 160



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Our Stringent quality control system ensure us to maintenance the best quality standards. Our commitment towards quality has fetched us export orders too.


  • Easy to handle & transport.
  • Easily permits drilling of holes at site unlike metal pipes.
  • Strong enough to sustain external loads under any adverse conditions without fatigue or failure.
  • The Pipes are completely corrosion free & hence have a much longer life.
  • A.C. Pressure Pipes are economical, stronger & more durable than other pipes as Asbestos provides a homogeneous, microscopic three – dimensional reinforcements.
  • With low thermal conductivity water temperature does not vary even with large variations of outside temperature.