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AAC Blocks

AAC Blocks / Autoclaved Aerated Concrete /Concrete Bricks

AAC or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete was developed in Sweden in 1920s with the need of combining the qualities of two of the most versatile and most used building materials, Wood and Concrete. The material hence formed has surpassed all expectations and has been widely accepted and used as a major building material across Europe, Russia, Middle East, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand etc.


AAC Blocks

Benefits of Aerotuff AAC Blocks

Fast & Easy Construction

As the AAC block is very easy to handle, manipulate and use ordinary tools for cutting the wood such as the drill, band saws, etc. could be easily used to cut and align the AAC. Moreover, the AAC blocks come with larger sizes and fewer joints. This ultimately results in faster construction work

Energy Efficiency & Comfortable Living

AAC Blocks are a recognized Green Building Material and can help a builder gain additional green rating points under the LEEDS/GRIHA Green Building Rating System for Green Building Certification.


Safe Living

fire resistant icon

Fire Resistnat

“When Safety is an issue AEROTUFF takes the heat”
AEROTUFF AAC Blocks have the best in class fire resistance with a fire rating of 4-6 Hours, depending on the thickness of the blocks.
The blocks are made up of inorganic material and hence they do not catch fire or emit toxic gases and conform to Class ‘0’ rating for spread of flame

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High Earthquake Resistance

The lightweight of AEROTUFF AAC blocks reduce the mass of a structure, thus decreasing the impact of an earthquake on the building and hence offering enhanced safety against calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes etc as compared to structures built with heavy red clay bricks, fly ash bricks or concrete blocks.

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Water Barrier

The non-interconnecting cellular structure of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks prevents the transmission of water through the blocks and provides a strong Water Barrier. This structure of tiny bubbles is strengthened by the process of autoclaving and hence provides a long time resistance against the seepage of water through AAC Walls.

AAC Blocks

Pest Resistant

The mineral composition and solid structure of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks makes them resistant against all kinds of pests, moulds, insects etc. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block consist of the inorganic material in its constitution that helps preventing and avoiding termites, damages or losses by the pests and rodents etc.

Walls with lower thicknesses can be achieved with AEROTUFF Blocks, while retaining similar or improved properties. This benefits builders gain additional Carpet Area in their buildings with the same Built-up Area.

Green Building Material

A step towards Sustained Growth

A Sustainable future is only possible with recognition of the means of sustainable development


When it comes to reducing the environmental impacts, AEROTUFF AAC Blocks stand way ahead of its competitors.

  • Among various building materials available like Clay Bricks, Concrete Blocks etc, AEROTUFF AAC Blocks consume the least amount of energy during Manufacturing as well as Application. This helps save the fast depleting natural resources
  • AEROTUFF AAC Blocks utilizes industrial wastes such as Fly Ash as Raw Material in comparison to Clay Bricks which consumes the precious fertile top soil as major raw material
  • High Thermal Insulation of an AAC Wall helps reduce the heating and air conditioning requirements, thereby reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions
  • Light weight of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks helps reduce the consumption of fuel and hence the CO2 emissions during transportation


    AAC Blocks

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