AAC blocks – Benefits of Aero tuff AAC Blocks

AAC blocks – Benefits of Aerotuff AAC Blocks

Advantages of Aerotuff AAC Blocks:

Thermal Insulation
The unique cellular structure of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks with entrapped air bubbles provides them the lowest thermal conductivity among all building materials.
With escalating energy costs and increased requirement of energy efficiency, a lot of builders are investing in special insulation techniques like Cavity Walls, External PU Claddings, Special Paints etc. The High Thermal Insulation of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks makes the use of such expensive techniques totally unnecessary.
The buildings made with AAC Blocks are minimally affected by outside weather. This also helps in considerable reduction in the air-conditioning and heating loads.

The weight of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks is approximately 1/3rd that of Clay Bricks and 1/4th that of conventional Concrete Blocks.
Light weight of these blocks results in reduction of dead load on the building structure and hence provides considerable savings in the structural cost.

Perfect Size and Shape
The process of manufacturing AAC Blocks ensures constant and consistent dimensions. Factory finished blocks provide a uniform base for economical application of a variety of finishing systems. Internal walls can be finished by direct P.O.P., thus eliminating the need of plastering.

Fire Resistant
AEROTUFF AAC Blocks have the best in class fire resistance with a fire rating of 4-6 Hours, depending on the thickness of the blocks.
The blocks are made up of inorganic material and hence they do not catch fire or emit toxic gases and conform to Class ‘0’ rating for spread of flame

Sound Proof
AEROTUFF AAC Blocks have very good acoustic properties and significantly reduce the noise entering a building or a room. With a Sound Transmission Class of up-to 45, these blocks show better resistance to sound transmission as compared to Concrete Blocks or Clay Bricks of an equivalent thickness.

Earthquake Resistant
The lightweight of AEROTUFF AAC blocks reduce the mass of a structure, thus decreasing the impact of an earthquake on the building and hence offering enhanced safety against calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes etc as compared to structures built with heavy red clay bricks, fly ash bricks or concrete blocks.

Faster Construction
The Big size and Accurate shape &dimensions of AEROTUFF Blocks makes construction with these blocks extremely fast and easy. This also results in considerable savings in Joining Mortar and Plaster.

Cost Saving
Proper utilization of Aerotuff AAC Blocks is Design and use can help reduce a lot of wastages and turn out to be much more cost effective in comparison to conventional walling materials.

Excellent Workability
Aerotuff AAC Blocks can easily be cut, drilled, chased using simple hand tools. This makes working with these Blocks extremely easy and fast. Any trained mason can easily work with AAC Blocks without any special training.

High Resistance to Water Seepage
The AAC products, because of their cellular and discontinuous micro structure are superior to conventional bricks in resistance of water penetrability and thus the external surface of AAC walls provides superior resistance to moisture penetration.

Pest Resistant
The mineral composition and solid structure of AEROTUFF AAC Blocks makes them resistant against all kinds of pests, moulds, insects etc.

Environment Friendly
AAC is a non-toxic product which does not pollute the air, land or water. During the manufacturing process, waste from the cutting process is recycled back with raw materials and used again. During construction, there is virtually no waste generated.
The energy consumed in the production process is only a fraction compared to the production of other alternative materials. The manufacturing process emits no pollutants and creates no by-products or toxic waste products.
AAC is manufactured using industrial wastes like Fly Ash as a major Raw Material. The finished product is thrice the volume of the raw materials used, making it extremely resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.
AAC Masonry does not require any water curing hence saving lakhs of liters of water used at construction sites.


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