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How to use AeroTuff AAC blocks

How to use AeroTuff AAC blocks:

1. Stacking-

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Stacking should be on dry and smooth surface so as to prevent them from the damage and contact with moisture.

2. Mortar for masonry

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AAC mortar mix or cement: sand (1:6).

3. Wetting of block

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Before application of mortar or usage dip the block in water and lift immediately.

4. Mortar thickness

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Mortar thickness should be limited to 10-12 mm.

5. Coping beam

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Coping beam with 2 no’s 8mm reinforcement After 1.2mts height

6. Curing of masonry walls

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Curing is required for only mortar joints.

7. Cutting of blocks

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For cutting of blocks use a hacksaw or rotary cutter or hand wood saw.

8. Lintel support

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Minimum 150 mm support for lintels at both side. Lintels should be placed on mortar bed.

9. Electricity and sanitary changes

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Chases to be grooved before plastering of wall by using electrical cutter and chiseled gently without hammering to avoid damages to walls.

10. Plaster

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Minimum plaster thickness 12 to 15 mm.

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